CSS Shipbrokers

CSS Shipbrokers serves for chartering / fixing cargoes and vessels with Group requirements and associates, sale & purchase of ships for demolition at Gadani, chartering of tugs / supply boats / crafts for various projects and Oil Rigs. Chartering vessels and managing our own coasters for in-house cement trade for Iraq. Some of Our Recent Fixture Include:

Bagged Cement / Bulk Clinker:
-150,000 MT Bagged Cement - Karachi - East/West Africa/Persian Gulf
- 300,000 MT Bulk Clinker- Port Qasim -Karachi - Bangladesh/ East Africa/Srilanka

Bulk Rock Phosphate:
-150,000 MT Bulk Rock Phosphate - Casablanca - Karachi - 50,000 MT Bulk Rock Phosphate - Hamrawein - Karachi

Bulk Sulphur:
-20,000 MT Bulk Sulphur - Bandar Abbas - Karachi/Port Qasim

Bulk Mill Scale:
- 50,000 MT Bulk Mill Scale - Karachi-China

Bagged Rice:
- 125,000 MT Bagged Rice - Port Qasim - West Africa
- 9,000 MT Bagged Rice - Port Qasim - Bandar Abbas/Persian Gulf

Palm Kernel Expeller:
- 50,000 MT Palm Kernel Cake in bulk - Malaysia - Karachi

Bulk Clinker
-50,000 MT Clinker Import from Middle East to Pakistan.

Barite Ore:
-100,000 MT ex Pakistan to UAE / RED Sea.

Project Cargoes:
Generals, Heavy Lifts, Porta Cabin, Transfarmers and Caravans.

Sales & Purchase:


CSS Group and its subsidiaries have been providing their clients with exceptional services