Efficient Handling of a Diversity of Cargoes

Dear Friends,

Stevedoring & Shipping, today is more than a trade. In addition to longshoremen’s and sailor’s know-how, it requires many levels of combined expertise from professional, mechanics, supervisors, engineers, programmers and other skilled workers. Since last 42 years, CSS Group has built a solid reputation for providing stevedoring and shipping services to a broad spectrum of customers worldwide – shippers and carriers – with one thing in common: the need to get goods to and from the market efficiently, responsibly and safely. We are committed to meet these needs and to earning the opportunity for you to choose us as your stevedore and shipping agent.

We have established a reputation of excellence for efficient handling of a diversity of different cargoes thereby contributing to the growth of Pakistan’s import and export markets.

CSS Group and its subsidiaries have been providing their clients with exceptional services tailored to their specific needs. Supported by a management team with a wealth of experience, skilled workers with extensive know-how and equipment at the cutting-edge of technology, CSS adheres to the most stringent quality standards of the stevedoring & shipping industry. We areal ways there for our clients who need our help and we have all the necessary resources to lead to them to right places.

Our employees focus on customer needs and are committed to providing the quality work and client services that will garner mutual future development.

Since its foundation, CSS Group has always made good environmental practices and sustainable development its concern. Combining social, economic and environmental dimensions into the management of the company is a fundamental requirement for achieving development that is deemed sustainable. What makes us No.1 for a wide range of clients is customer service supported by a firm commitment of CSS Team.

Muhammad Saleem Vohra
Chief Executive

CSS Group and its subsidiaries have been providing their clients with exceptional services