Saleem Suleman Trading

Saleem Suleman Trading Co. LLC is a registered company, founded in 2006 in Dubai, UAE, to assist our selected clients for Karachi-Dubai & Dubai-Iraq imports / exports & other destinations in East African ports for various commodities including: Cement, Clinker and Sugar. We are a successful trading / indenting house, acting on behalf of international traders & international shipping lines with extensive experience acquired over the years.

Our success is inextricably linked to our professional and technical capabilities and to our team of highly committed, skilled and trained staff. In addition, we have strong support of our supplier and manufacturers; who give us access to a wealth of knowledge about version products. We guarantee quality, quantity of the products as well as shipping expertise to arrange optimal freight levels.

We are pleased to inform you that after full of dedication & professional efforts we have been appointed regular agents by worldwide traders and international shipping lines and with their support, successful executing the following ventures.

  • Purchased, managed, operated & sold M.V. FATIMA (Ex Mazen 1)

  • 5 Carvans from Karachi to Jebel Ali.

  • General, Heavy Lifts, Porta Cabin, Transformers and Caravans from Jeble Ali to Karachi.

  • 9,000 MT Bagged Rice Bin Qasim - Bandar Abbas

  • 85,000 MT Mill Scale Bulk — Karachi / China.

  • 80,000 MT Bulk Sulphur — Bandar Abbas- Bin Qasim / Karachi.

  • 150,000 MT Bagged Cement — Karachi / Bin Qasim-East West Africa

  • 100,000 MT Bagged Cement — Karachi - Persian Gluf

  • 100,000MT Buk Chinker-Karachi - Bangladesh/East Africa/Srilanka

CSS Group and its subsidiaries have been providing their clients with exceptional services