Cargo Safety Services

Cargo Safety Services (Pvt) Ltd. is an official CHC (Cargo Handling Company) at Bin Qasim Port since 2001; well equipped for discharging & loading of cargoes in bulk. We have speciality of handling bulk / break bulk cargoes that include Cement, Coal, Generals, Project, Heavy lift, HRC/CRC Coil, Iron ore pallets & dry bulk cargoes.

In order to achieve the best results to discharge granular cargoes like Wheat, Seed, DAP etc., we own and operate the following machines:

PNEUMATIC BAGGING MACHINES 12 in Number (Richard Simon)
I. Permanent Steel Rod Conveyors instead of Rubber
a. Bags do not tear.
b. Cosmetic intact.
c. Continuous movement of 4 to 6 bags at a time.
d. Bags do not slip even in dew / wet conditions.

2. Volume Metric Hoppers with 16 Stitching Lines
a. Approximate size 30 to 35 tons capacity, spillage can be controlled because of larger Cargo holding capacity, which in turn reduces the weight variations.
b. Hoppers are portable / movable instead of the fixed systems, thereby handling and cleaning becomes a lot easier.
c. In addition, other minor changes have been done for efficient handling.


We have Eighteen (18) Hydraulic Grabs of 8-12 CBM with lifting capacity of approx. 8-12 Metric Tons of DAP / Coal / Clinker per lift per grab.The above mentioned Hydraulic Grabs have optimum discharging capacity and quick turnaround of Vessels.


We have Eight (08) Hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs of 6-10 CBM, exclusively being used for Discharging of bulk Shredded Iron Scrap with a lifting capacity of approx. 8-12 MTons per lift per grab.


We have 30 evacuators which are known to have optimum loading/discharging of the granular commodities. WHEEL LOADER/ SHAVELS (CATERPILLAR) We have Ten (10) wheel loaders used for handling of bulk cargoes.


We have a fleet of Twenty-five (25) dumpers used for transportation of various bulk cargoes simultaneously within port premises. The company is in process of expansion to further import sophisticated equipment to enhance its working efficiency.

CSS Group and its subsidiaries have been providing their clients with exceptional services